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manovikas clinic - psychiatric, sexual health & child guidance clinic in navi mumbai

Manovikas clinic is a psychiatric, sexual health & child guidance clinic in Navi Mumbai, Founded by reputed and Well known Dr. Vikas Deshmukh.

Under the guidance of Dr. Vikas Deshmukh and Dr. Aparna Deshmukh, the clinic intends to provide all mental health related assistance under a single roof. Manovikas clinic aims to render a holistic and complete basket of treatment for its patient's mental health needs.

Manovikas clinic has contributed to bringing back happiness in its patient's lives by providing quality mental health and will continue to do the same in the future. We offer services for Neuropsychiatry, Psychiatry, Counseling(Psychotherapy), and Psychological Testing. We also render comprehensive services related to psychiatric disorder management, psychotherapy counseling, sexual health management, and child psychology.

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dr vikas deshmukh neuropsychiatrist in vashi navi mumbai

Dr. Vikas Deshmukh


Dr. Vikas Deshmukh is a well known and best consultant Neuropsychiatrist in Navi Mumbai. He started Manovikas - psychiatric, sexual health & child guidance clinic 10 years ago and is the clinic's chief psychiatrist. Dr. Vikas and the team has embedded a lot of effort into creating awareness and acceptance about mental health issues. He strived to help understand the need for professional psychiatric help to overcome modern lifestyle-induced mental health issues that are frequently becoming common in a city like Navi Mumbai.

Professional Membership

Bombay Psychiatric Society

Member of the Bombay Psychiatric Society (MBPS)

Indian Psychiatric Society

Member of the Indian Psychiatric Society (MIPS)

Dr. Aparna Deshmukh


Dr. Aparna Deshmukh functions as a Consultant Psychiatrist and sexologist at Manovikas in Vashi, Navi Mumbai. She is a well-experienced and talented doctor who treats a broad spectrum of mental disorders, including Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), Premarital Counseling, Alzheimer's Disease, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) and Depression Treatment, etc. Her key specialization is in women's mental health, yoga & meditation as therapy, and sexology (women's sexual health). She is the brain behind designing the clinic's layout, the clinic's name, and designing its logo.

Professional Membership

Bombay Psychiatric Society

Member of the Bombay Psychiatric Society (MBPS)

Indian Psychiatric Society

Member of the Indian Psychiatric Society (MIPS)

dr aparna deshmukh psychiatrist in vashi navi mumbai.


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Drug Addiction: Why Do People Take Drug?

July 15, 2019

Drug addiction also sometimes referred to as substance use disorder is a chronic brain disease which manipulates the brain in believing that the use of legal or illegal drugs is crucial. Drug addict despite knowing the harm drug is causing them mentally & physically, cannot resist themselves from consuming it.

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Dementia: Types, Causes & Risk Factors

June 24, 2019

Dementia depicts a combination of signs concerning memory, reasoning & social skills serious enough to intervene with your everyday living. Dementia is not caused by a single disease rather is caused due to a different kind of diseases.

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India Is Most Depressed Country In The World - WHO

June 12, 2019

Depression also termed as a major depressive disorder is a very severe medical illness that majorly influences the way you feel, thinks & acts. Depression tends to bring a feeling of sadness & lack of interest in almost every activity inducing diverse physical & emotional dilemmas. Depression hampers the person's capability to function at the....

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Winning Ways To Wellbeing!

Emotional and mental health is important because it's a vital part of your life and impacts your thoughts, behaviors and emotions. Being healthy emotionally can promote productivity and effectiveness in activities like work, school or caregiving

  • Build relationships. Having good relationships with other people is the most important factor contributing to a sense of wellbeing
  • Meditate - helps you connect spiritually
  • Stay Active
  • Have diet that is good for your brain
  • Have good and sound sleep of atleast 8 hrs
  • Manage your Stress

Social Connection




Staying Active


Brain Healthy Diet


Quality Sleep


Managing Stress

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